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How to add a volunteer

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  • The Students & Volunteers page is the default page when you first go into Religious Education.
  • Click the Volunteers tab to view the Volunteers page.
  • If no volunteers have been added, the page will look similar to the image above.
  • As long as all of the building blocks have been populated, you may begin to add volunteers by clicking one of the add buttons.
  • Once you have added a volunteer, the only add button available is the one in the upper right of the page. (see two images below)
  • Only volunteers who are populated in the Member List of the Family Directory will be available to add here.
  • Fill in the volunteer information using the selections available from the dropdowns.
  • Save each record.
  • When you go back to the Volunteers page, you will see a list of volunteers that have been added.
  • You may change the filter at the top to narrow down the results listed on the page to one class, one department, one role, etc. 


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