PSA L&P - Checks: How to record a hand-written check, EFT, or an already paid transaction (assign check number) for multiple bills

How to record an electronic payment (EFT) or a hand written check that paid multiple bills

  1. Verify that the vendor is set up to pay multiple bills with one check.
  2. You may need to mark the box to print one check when there are more than 10 bill items
  3. To record multiple bills paid with one electronic payment you will need to process the payment thru the check printing process
    • On the first screen of the check printing process choose the bank account and check date. Note: On the third screen (the Print Checks screen), you will change the check number. 
    • Select all the bills associated with the electronic payment. 
    • Select print checks.
    • Review the create checks screen to ensure the payment matches the electronic payment.
    • Select Create Checks.
    • On the print checks screen edit the check number to include an alpha character. 
      • For EFT transactions use EFT### where ### is the EFT transaction number or EFTyyyy/mm/dd (EFT with year, month, and day). 
    • Click Print Selected.
    • Close the PDF, mark that the checks printed correctly, and click submit.



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