Development Manager (DM) checklist

Do you need help completing end-of-year tasks for the Development Manager (DM)? Use our checklist to help you complete the end-of-year process. 

  1. Ensure you have entered all contributions in Development Manager, including any online giving contributions. 
  2. Verify all batches are closed and not set as Open or In Review.  
  3. Consider auditing your data, such as your family mailing information and contribution data
  4. Ensure staff have correct fund permissions: How to update a staff member's fund permissions for more than one fund at a time
  5. You can personalize your statements(US) or tax receipts(Canada) using report contents options: How to configure your contribution statements
  6. The report filters allow you only to print statements(US) or tax receipts(Canada) with certain payment types, only non-tax deductible contributions, and more. See How to set statement filters
  7. Generate your contribution statements (US) or tax receipts (Canada)

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