PSFS Family Directory - Sacraments: How to enter (add) Holy Orders

How to enter (add) Holy Orders

Because entering Holy Orders is a rare occurrence, you cannot add them from the individual Member Sacrament tab, as you can with other sacrament records. You must use the Sacraments tab under the Family Directory instead.

First, go to Family Directory→Sacraments→Add/Edit Sacraments and select "Holy Orders" from the drop-down list:

The Holy Orders consist of three key parts depending on the category of ordination in the Catholic church:

  • Diaconate   - deacon 
  • Presbyteral - priest
  • Episcopal    - bishop

After entering the basic information on the record, choose each tab that corresponds with the part of the Holy Orders you are recording and fill in all the known information. 

Note: When searching for the parish link, it is helpful to search using ONLY the zip code or city/state, nothing else. Then, select from the choices that display.

Once you have filled in all the known information, click the "Add" button.

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