PSFS Offering | Donor Reports - Configure: How to configure filters for donor reports

How to configure filters for donor reports

  1. From the Donor Reports page, click the Configure button (gear icon) in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Select Filters. To determine what is being included/excluded on the donor reports due to filters, you must look at both Filters: Contribution Types and Other Filters.

Contribution Types

The tab for Include Payments Types is the first to display.

  • If no payment types are selected, the PDF report will be blank, and the Excel report will render the message, "No Data available for the parameters you requested."
  • Simply mark the payment types you use when entering contributions and this should solve your problem. If you are unsure, select to include all contribution types.  

Then select the Other Filters or select Save & Close.


Other Filters

  • To get all records with contributions that match the other criteria you entered on your Donor Report page, select all of these options: 
    • Include Families with blank street addresses
    • Include Families with blank or invalid zip codes
    • Include Families with Send Mail unchecked
    • Include zero dollar contribution line items
    • Include non-tax-deductible contributions 
  • Uncheck any that you would like to exclude

Select Save & Close to save your changes.  


Include Fulfillment Methods

  • The third tab is where users select Report Filter Fulfillment Methods: 
    • All Fulfillment Methods can be marked


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