PSFS IQ - Query Builder: How to generate a report of families that identifies non-Catholic spouses

How to generate a report of families that identifies non-Catholic spouses

To learn how to use IQ please see How to create, run, modify, and save a new query

Results Panel

Start by envisioning the report you want. Think about the information you want to see in this report, then select the columns from the Column Picker, and drag them to the Result Columns panel.

Conditions Panel

To set the conditions, you will be running a query that uses a subquery. The subquery will select a family record where at least one of the members has the denomination of Catholic. The query then will only return records for those families where one of the spouses is not Catholic.

Add the following conditions by dragging them from the Column Picker into the Query Conditions panel and updating the comparison statement and the value. 

  • MembersReligion: does not contain: Catholic
  • Members ​​Member Type: is in list: Husband, Wife

This will return all members whose religion field does not contain the word "Catholic" and whose member type is either Husband or Wife.

Add another condition.

  • Families Family DUID: in subquery.

Then click edit sub-query.

Add the following conditions.

  • MembersReligion: contains: Catholic.
    This will limit your results to members of families with at least one member who has Catholic listed as their religion (denomination).

The results of your query will depend on the columns you selected. Here's one example:


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