ParishCast Users - View Users: How to filter users

How to filter users

The following steps will show you how to filter users in order to do one or more of the following: add to a group, delete, make a high priority, remove from high priority, or export the list.

  • The view user screen allows you to sort and filter users in a number of ways
  • If you are not sorting or filtering you will see the number of users in each category. If you filter the users you will only see the number of users included in the filter.  There is an example of a filtered list at the bottom of this article.

Here are the options for sorting and filtering users:

    1. Sort by field: How the list will be sorted - Last Name, ID, Recently Added 
    2. Search by Field: Select the field that contains the information you want to search for such as last name, first name, ID... 
    3. Search by Level: Members, Staff, Admin
    4. Search by Group: These are the groups you have set up and assigned to users
    5. Search by Criteria: Use the down-arrow to select which criteria you would like to search. See image.

  • Once you filter the list you will need to mark the box next to the user and then select the option to make changes.
  • To export the list click Export in the lower right corner. 

Filtered by the last name starting with B


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