SEP Individuals - Merge: How to merge individual records

How to merge individual records


  1. Select two records that you want to merge. Note: When three or more records are selected, the merge button will be inactive. If there are more than two records that need to be merged, you must merge two into one and then merge the next and the next until they are all merged into one record.
    • The merge button will become active when two records are selected.
  2. After you click the merge button, you will be able to view the records side-by-side to determine which one to keep and which one to remove.
    • One record will display on the green, "Keep" side and the other will display on the red, "Remove" side.
    • Scroll down the page to see the records side-by-side.
    • If you determine that you want to keep the record that is on the remove side, click the swap button between them. You will obviously want to move the record that has the most accurate information to the keep side.
    • If there are some fields with good data on each side, continue reading to learn how to move the data from the remove side to the keep side one field at a time without affecting the rest of the record.

  3. When there is 'keep' information in both records, swap the record with the most 'keep' information to the 'keep' side and then scroll down to select each field from the discard side you want to move to the 'keep' side. There are three sections: Profile, Assignments, and Requirements. The first two (Profile and Assignments) have fields that can be moved. The Requirements follow the Assignments.
    • In the Profile section: Only fields that have different information will have a swap button between them. This method only moves information from the field you are swapping and leaves all of the other fields in place.
      • If there is a field that is populated (with accurate information) on the discard side and the keep side is empty, click the swap button between the two fields. This will move the data to the keep side.
      • Or, if there is a field populated on the discard side with accurate information and information on the keep side that is not accurate, click the swap button between the fields so the good information for that one field is moved to the keep side.
        In this example, swapping the address and postal code fields will leave all other fields in place except these two fields.

    • In the Assignments section: Instead of swapping information here, you may add assignments from the discard side to the keep side without disturbing the existing keep side records.
      • If there is an assignment on the discard side that needs to be kept, click the arrow button to move it to the keep side.
      • If there is an assignment on the keep side that should not be kept in the records, click the arrow button to move it to the discard side.
    • In the Requirements section: There is nothing to do here. Requirements are based on assignments. If you move an assignment to one side or the other, the requirements will follow.
  4. Once you have confirmed that the record on the green, "Keep" side is the one with the most up-to-date thorough information, click the save button in the upper right of the page.




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