PSG Administration - Your Invoice: How to find and understand your monthly charges

How to find and understand your monthly charges

  1. Click the link for information on how to view your monthly software invoice. Unless you have a special rate through your diocese, this is $20.00/month and now includes:
  2. Your "processing fees" are tied to the giving plan** you selected. Those plans can be seen here:
    Processing fees are charged to your "primary" bank account once a month and are itemized in your Billing Report.  Click the link to learn more about how to view your organization's processing fees. NOTE: Effective January 1, 2023, Credit Card and ACH rates will be increased by 0.05% + $0.05. American Express Card transactions will be increased by 0.60% per transaction (This is a direct result of Charity Interchange rates American Express introduced in Oct 2022.) A new Batch Statement Fee of $.30 will be charged per deposit.
  3. Included in your Billing Report starting on January 1, 2022, is an extra processing charge of $19.95 and this was explained in your December 2021 invoice:

    "The payments industry is continually evolving and adapting to the changing economic and regulatory environments. These changes often result in increased costs and requirements for industry participants. In response to these increased costs, the processor associated with your account, Payment Brands, is implementing a pricing adjustment. Effective January 1, 2022, you’ll see a $19.95 monthly fee added to your merchant account billing. Card and ACH rates will be increased by 0.05% + $0.03. You’ll see this change reflected in February’s billing for January’s activity. (Note: Net funding customers will see these fees begin on January 1st)."
  4. Beginning in March 2023 we are implementing a new Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance program via Aperia. This program will help us ensure our customers are secure and compliant. We will contact you separately before this program goes live on your account and you will see this new compliance fee of $9.95/mo reflected on your statement at that time.


**If you'd like to explore one of the other plans, please contact your account manager.


***The Payment Brands (processor) Terms and Conditions can be read here



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