PSFS Billing - Rates: How the billing rate is determined using Family Suite Registered families

How the billing rate is determined for Family Suite users

There is only one factor taken into consideration when your billing rate is determined for ParishSOFT Family Suite, and that is the registration status of the family.

This article will show you where to look for the Registration Status on the Family Details page, how to unregister a family, and how to obtain the registered families count



Where to look for the registration status

The Registration Status is the fourth field on the Family Information page in the Family Details record.

Note, the only thing that matters when counting the registered families is the Registration Status. No matter what is displayed under Family Group, if the Registration Status is marked, the family will be counted.

Here are some examples where the record will count as registered and therefore be included in the billing count that might surprise you: Learn how to unregister a record.



How to unregister a family record

  1. Go into the Family Details record of any family for whom you want to set the Registration Status to False, and click the Edit Details button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click the checkbox to the right of the Registration Status field. This will unmark the field and you will be prompted to change the Family Group also. In many cases, you will not want to change the Family Group. This will depend on the category they are in. For example, If the Family Group is set to Contributor Only, Alumni, Moved, etc., you will likely want to select "No."  However, if this family doesn't belong to any of the categories you track for formerly registered families, you would select "Yes."
    Once you have completed updating your records so that only families that are truly registered with your church are marked as such, you may want to get an accurate count of your registered members.


How to obtain the registered family count

  1. In the Family List, select the filter button (funnel).
  2. In the filter pop-up window select Registered in the dropdown for Membership.
  3. Select All Groups in the dropdown for Family Group.
  4. Click Apply.
    • The record count at the bottom of the page will reduce showing only the number of family records that are registered.
  5. To clear the filter, click the clear filter button (funnel with red x).


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