SEP Settings - User Accounts: How to add a user account

How to add a user account

If you have the required permissions to add users, you will see the Users card on the Home page. If not, you must talk to your SEP Administrator about how to add a user.

  1. From the Home page, select the Settings card and then the Users card.
  2. From the Users page, select the add button (top/right). Navigation button definitions may be found here.
    • Fill out the form with the requested information selecting Role from the dropdown options with special care noted in the bullet below.
    • Role: The selected Role will have an impact on the features the newly added user can access. Please select a permission role that is best suited for the access level the user should have to SEP.
    • On the Add Users page, in addition to the the help, save, revert, and email buttons (defined here), you may also find the following navigation buttons (top/right). 
      ResetPassword.png  Reset Password

      view_history.png View History: This option is permission based. Not all users will see this button.

      viewUserActivity.png View User ActivityThis option is permission based. Not all users will see this button.
  3. Fill out the user information and once you are satisfied the information is correct, select the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.


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