PSFS Offering | Funds - Not Available: How to determine why a fund is not available in the drop-down after it's been added

How to fix the issue if a fund is not available in the drop-down

There may be several reasons an added fund is not available to select:

  1. The fund is not marked active. (This is one of the most common reasons.)
    • To remedy this, simply edit the fund and mark the Active checkbox; then save.
  2. The second most common reason the fund is not available to select has to do with fund permissions.
    • Fund permissions are added done at the local level so your own organization can have control over who can access what information for security purposes.
    • If you have administration access rights, you may add your own fund permissions, otherwise, you must ask someone with those login privileges in your organization to add them for you.
    • Follow the instructions in this article: How to manage fund permissions by member.
  3. Finally, has the fund been 'end-dated'? If so, and you need to use the fund, you must edit the fund and remove the end date.

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