PSA DMO Integration - Deposits: What to do if a revenue account was mapped incorrectly

What to do if a revenue account was mapped incorrectly and therefore the wrong fund was credited in the transaction

Depending on your login privileges (assigned by your church administrator or by your diocese), and depending on the deposit date as compared to your current accounting month, you may be able to follow these steps. If you do not have the privileges you must find someone at your organization or diocese who does.

  1. Edit the deposit to change the wrong revenue account to the correct revenue account
    • If the accounting period is still open
  2. Create a journal entry that only moves that part of the deposit from one revenue account to another.
    • You must use this option if the accounting period is closed 
    • If you must implement option 2...
      1. Date your journal entry on the deposit date
      2. Debit the Wrong Revenue Account, and 
      3. Credit the Correct Revenue Account only for the amount associated with this Deposit/Fund.

After you have completed this update, go back into Family Suite, Offering, and map the fund to the correct revenue account.


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