DM Sustaining Gifts: How to set up a fund to receive sustaining gifts

How to set up sustaining gifts

Sustaining gifts are ongoing donations to a fund. They differ from pledges because they are considered "forever gifts" that never expire. Sustaining givers commit to donating a specific amount to a fund on a recurring basis, for example, monthly, quarterly, or biannually-- with no end date. 

  • Sustaining gifts may not be added to a fund that requires pledges
  • These gifts may be edited by staff to update the amount, frequency, or canceled at any time

To add a fund that can accept sustaining gifts, you must have Admin access rights and you must have Add/Edit permissions.

Please note: Currently we recommend not marking both the boxes for 'Fund Accepts Sustaining Gifts' and Fund Requires Pledges.' If you do so, customers who have only sustaining gifts make a payment, an error message will display showing that 'Pledges are required for this fund.' Currenlty, we recommend you mark only one or the other. This will be updated in a future release.

  1. Add the fund or pull up an existing fund.
  2. Mark the checkbox for Fund Accepts Sustaining Gifts.
  3. Enter an expiration date for reporting purposes. *This field is required.
    • The software incorporates sustaining gifts into a funds' future projections. Your organization's pledge reports will use the date you specify in the Report on Sustaining Gifts up to field to estimate future revenue from recurring payments to the funds. Therefore, choose a date in the future that you expect the fund to stop accepting recurring gifts. Your pledge reports will stop projecting income from sustaining gifts after the date you specify.
  4. Save the record.

Once you have marked the fund to receive sustaining gifts, you may add these gifts through the pledges page.  In order to see the Add button (+), Settings → Require Pledge Batches must be disabled. See How to add a sustaining gift.






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