PSFS Offering | Pledges - Payments: How to change which payments apply to the pledge

How to change which payments apply to the pledge

  1. Go to the Pledges page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Pledges.
    • Using the Pledges Card, select Go to Pledges.
  2. Search for and select the pledge record you would like to edit.
  3. Click the View Payments button to see the payments that have been applied to this pledge.
  4. When you click the edit button on the View Contribution History page, a list of all contributions made to that fund since the Pledge Date will display. The payments that have been applied to the pledge will have a mark in the checkbox to the left of the payment information. 
    • To apply a payment that was perhaps entered into the software before the pledge was added, but that has a contribution date that falls on or after the pledge date, simply mark the payment and save the record.
    • To detach a payment that was applied to the pledge in error, simply unmark the payment record checkbox and save the record.
    • The view payments (Contribution History) page will be updated. When you close the Contribution History window, you will see the total paid field on the Pledge Details record has been updated. In this case, since an unapplied payment has been applied, it went up. If you unmarked a payment that had been applied, it would go down.




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