PSFS Offering | Pledges - Setup: How to set up pledges for a capital campaign

How to set up pledges for a capital campaign

Please follow the options that apply to your organization:

  • Is the new campaign a repeat of a prior capital campaign drive? If so, we recommend adding an end date for all prior pledges before adding the new capital campaign drive. 
    • Doing so helps with record keeping and reports. 
  • Even after end-dating the prior capital campaign pledges, we still recommend that you create a new fund for each new capital campaign. Note: Make sure to mark the option, this fund requires pledges, if that is what you intend for this fund.
    • Creating a new fund for a new capital campaign makes record-keeping and reporting much easier.
      • For example, if you had a capital campaign fund for your building addition in 2021 and now want to start a new campaign for 2022, simply add a new fund called CC Building Fund 2022. (Use your own preferred fund names).
      • You may then report on the Building Fund 2021 and the Building Fund 2022 separately. You may also select both funds in reports where you want to combine the totals.
    • If you use ParishSOFT Accounting, you may still link each Building Fund to the same accounting fund, so the monies will all be applied to the same bucket.
  • Once you have completed the steps pertinent to your situation, you may then begin to add the new pledge records for your new capital campaign.

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