ParishSOFT Customer API

An API for querying census and offering data: ParishSOFT Customer API

Testing the ParishSOFT Customer API Endpoints

For the best experience testing the API we recommend using Postman. Before the API can be called to retrieve data, the Token/Authenticate endpoint needs to be called with the API key provided by ParishSOFT.

To do this in Postman:

  1. Click the "+" in the tab region of Postman.
  2. Change the request type to POST.
  3. Enter the URL:
  4. Click the Headers tab and add a KEY value of Content-Type; add a VALUE of application/json.
  5. Click the Body tab.
  6. Under the Body tab, ensure the raw and JSON options are selected.
  7. Add your API key to the text area below as shown here.
  8. Click Send.
  9. The API should return a 200 OK response with a JWT (Javascript Web Token). This value will be required for subsequent calls to the API.

Calling Other Endpoints

Now that you have a JWT, you can use this value to call other endpoints in the API.

  1. Open the tab, Postman.
  2. Ensure the request type is GET.
  3. Enter the URL
  4. Click the Headers tab below the URL.
  5. Enter a KEY value of Authorization. The VALUE will be the word "Bearer" followed by a space and then the JWT value you should have received in the response to the Token/Authenticate request.
  6. Add another header with the KEY of Accept and the VALUE of application/json.
  7. Click Send.
  8. As long as the JWT has not expired (20 minutes) you should get data in the response body below.


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