PSFC Views - Reports: How to print the full-month calendar to one page

How to print the full-month calendar to one page

Sometimes the calendar reports do not fit on the page as cleanly when choosing one of the available options from the printer button.

One option to get a printout of your full month calendar is to use your browser print options instead of the canned reports. This option will always include the view buttons that are displayed at the bottom of the calendar. There is no way around that.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the calendar page, right-click and select Print. (Or use Ctrl-P)
  2. Next, you must update the settings to get the calendar one full page.

  3. Update the following options:
    • Scale: change from Default to Custom, then change the number from 100 to a lower number that not only fits the full calendar on the page but also has the full wording on the  Saturday events.
    • As you lower the scale, you will see the calendar still on two pages. Update the  Pages option to Even pages only.
  4. Save the calendar and then print it.


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