PSFC Views - Reports: How to get a view or a report of events for the balance of the year and beyond

How to get a view or report of events for the balance of the year and beyond

There are two reports you may generate for a specified date range:

  • The Agenda Report.
  • The Full Event printout

There is one option to get a view of all events by scrolling through a public view.



How to get the reports that offer a date range

  1. Click the report button in the top-right corner of the calendar page.
  2. From the report selector dropdown, select either the Simple Agenda View or the Full Event Print Out.
  3. Enter the date range and click Go. A PDF report will generate.


How to provide a view of your full calendar

You first must create a view and get the embed code link as shown in this article.

  • To scroll through to see future months, click the forward arrow >.
  • The viewer may click the options to change the format of the calendar they are viewing: 

Here is an example of a view where you may scroll through all dates:

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