PSG Forms - Test: How to test a form without making the payment

This article will walk you through how to test that a completed form functions correctly without having to make the required payment or donation.

  1. On the Navigator Bar, select Forms.
  2. In Form Manager, click the ellipsis to the right of the form you want to test and select Copy Form. 
    • This will create an exact duplicate of your form.
    • The duplicate form will have its own unique URL (web address).
    • The new form will automatically open for editing.
  3. In the duplicate form, open Form Properties and select the Payment tab.
  4. Scroll to the Accepted Payment Types portion of this tab at the bottom of the page and select Pay Later.  This will allow you to complete the form but not be forced to make the required payment.
  5. Save and publish the duplicate form and then test it.
  6. Once you have tested the form to your liking you can delete the duplicate form.

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