PSFC Events - Scheduling: How to delete an event (individual or recurring)

How to delete an event (Individual or Recurring)

When you delete an event that is non-recurring, the whole event will be removed entirely. When you delete a recurring event, you may choose between deleting all of the recurring events, only those going forward, or the one instance you clicked into.

  1. Click the event name link on the calendar.
  2. Click the gear button to bring up the edit page.
    • If your event is a recurring event, a prompt will display prompting you to choose from the following edit options: Only this event, Following events, All events. Choose the appropriate option.
  3. The edit page displays. 
  4. Click Delete and verify the deletion.
  5. If this is a recurring event, all individual recurring items that have been deleted will be displayed as Exceptions under the event details when you bring up any of the remaining events on the recurring schedule.

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