PSFC Events - Scheduling: How to copy an event (individual or recurring)

How to copy an event (individual or recurring)

Once you have set up an event, if you have another very similar event or an exact same recurring event for another date range or time, you may simply copy the event and then modify the new one. Note that using the Copy utility will create an independent instance of the event or recurring event. This means that any changes you make to either the original event or the copied event will not change the other instance.

  1. Once the initial event has been added, you may bring up the copy utility option by clicking on the event name link.
  2. Click the Copy button (see image above).
  3. A new instance will be displayed.
    • This will be an exact duplicate of the original including the date, time, and room selection. The following notice telling you the rooms are already booked will display:
    • Click OK and edit the event for the new dates, times, and/or rooms as well as any other changes you need to make.
    • You may want to update the internal notes for both series of events that can be seen by anyone who edits these events in the future. This will remind them there is another related occurrence that also may need to be updated.
  4. Save the new event. To distinguish this event from the original, you may want to update the event name, even if it is a continuation of a recurring event that was scheduled for an earlier date span. This will help you remember that these events are independent of each other in terms of updating the various attributes.


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