PSFC Events - Pending Events: Why some events display with yellow highlights or How to authorize event requests

Why some events display with yellow highlights or How to authorize event requests

Events that are highlighted in yellow are pending events and need to be approved for one of the following requests: child care, technical support, kitchen use, or vehicle use. In addition to those with Admin permissions, only certain people may approve these requests, and these people are assigned this authority through the Responsibilities page in Settings. People authorized to approve these requests will be termed 'authorized user' in this article.


There are two ways a pending event may be managed by the authorized user (the person assigned responsibility to approve or deny requests):
*To learn how to authorize an account to approve a particular request, click here.

  1. One way is to click the highlighted event which brings up the event header page. The event will be flagged with a labeled request approval button. Click that for the approve/deny selection pop-up. See the image above.
    • If your account does not have the option to approve/deny a pending event, you may open the event header page but when you click the labeled request button it will not open the approve/deny option.
  2. Another way to manage an item that is pending approval is to click the bell at the top right of the calendar.
    • Click on the bell to open a list of events that are pending approval.
    • The list of pending events will display in a pop-up window. Select the event you want to manage.
    • The event header will open with one or more labeled request buttons. Click each to open the option to approve or deny the request. If you see a request button but it does not open when you click it, you are not authorized for approving or denying this request.


Managing denied requests

Denied requests will change the way the event is displayed on the calendar. It will no longer be highlighted in yellow but now in dark coral.

To update the event request to approved, click the event and then the labeled request button. The option will be given to approve or close the request.

Once a request has been flagged as approved, it may not be unflagged.


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