PSFC iPhone - Scheduling: How to add an event in Facility Calendar from an iPhone

How to add an event in Facility Calendar from an iPhone

You may find it easiest to see the options when you are in landscape mode. As you use your phone to access the ParishSOFT Facility Calendar, you will determine your preference of using landscape or portrait mode.

  1. Use your preferred browser to open the site.
  2. Enter your credentials and then tap the Login button.
  3. The calendar will display with an ellipsis to the right of the ParishSOFT Logo. It is easier to see in landscape mode.
  4. To view the calendar, just swipe up and you will see your events.
  5. To manage an event, tap the event link.
  6. To add a new event, tap the ellipse mceclip0.png, then tap New Event.

  7. Add an event title, then make the selections for your event. 
  8. Continue to make all selections.

  9. Once you have completed making all of the selections for your event, save it.




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