PSG Forms - Themes: How to customize your form using a theme

How to customize your form using a theme


It is possible to customize the look of each and every form created.  There are 2 options when customizing the design of a form. Click on Form Properties at the bottom of the form to open the Form Properties window.

  1. Select the THEME tab in Form Properties. The theme you use is a personal preference, and you may play around with your theme selection until you find a setting that is appealing to you. When selecting a theme, note the color bars represent the following: Left Color Bar - form background color; Middle Color Bar - form word color; Right Color Bar - form title and options color.
  2. The other option is to select the Advanced Theme tab in Form Properties.  Here you can be much more selective about background colors, text colors, fonts, and font sizes.
    • To upload a background image click on Upload Image and search for your file in the file browser.
      • Click Open after making your selection.
      • Form Background Options allow you to choose how or if you would like the image to be repeated.
    • Change the colors of the background or text by selecting the small checkered box under Font Color, Background Color, or Border Color.
      • Select an existing color from the boxes or create a color of your choice from the gradient along the right.
      • Transparency may be enabled by adjusting the color picker slider at the bottom of the window.
      • If you know the RGB color code or HEX code the system will recognize that as well.
    • Change the font by selecting the Search button.  Search font type by name or click Next to see pages of available fonts.  Select Close once you have made your font choice.
    • Change the font size by inputting the desired size number in the box.  Note that the Default font size is below that box.

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