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How to build a Mass Intentions Form

This form will allow parishioners to submit a Mass Intention to the Parish Office and send an email to the Parish Office alerting them that a Mass Intention form has been submitted.

  1. In the navigation panel, select Forms, then click Create New Form.

  2. On the Form Manager page, choose the Prayer Request Form template and click Start Building Form. We will modify the form to Mass Intensions as we go forward.
  3. Start by making a few changes in Form Manager like changing the form name and adding fields. To do this, click the Form Properties button at the bottom.
    • In the General Info tab of the Form Properties page, change the name of the form and add a form description.
      • In this instance, we will change the name from Prayer Requests to Mass Intentions.
      • It may also be pertinent to add a note about how the parishioner will be notified of which mass their intention has been assigned to.
    • Once you're finished making changes, click the OK button on the bottom right of the Form Properties window.
  4. Now add a Header Image to your form.  Follow the instructions in the article, How to add a header image to a form.


The Form

Adding and updating the fields

At this point, it is time to edit a few of the fieldsets to reflect Mass Intentions and not a Prayer Request.

  1. On a Mass Intentions form, the name of the person for whom this mass is said is required. Notice how the Name field is marked as optional.  To change this field set to required click the small configure gear icon on the right.
    • This opens the Field Properties for the Name fieldset.  
      • In the General Info tab, you may change the name displayed for this field if you would like.
      • To change the field from optional to required, click the Validation tab at the top of the window and select the checkbox next to Required and click the OK button on the bottom right of the window.
  2. Next, click the small configure gear icon on the right of the Prayer Request fieldset.  In the General Info tab change the name of this fieldset from Prayer Request to Intention Request and click the OK button on the bottom right of the window.
  3. Add a prompt for the living/deceased status: for many Parishes, it is important to note if the mass intention is for a deceased individual. This step will show how to add a radio button that prompts for this information.
    • To add this question to the form drag the Radio Button(s) fieldset from the far right of the screen to the place on the form you would like the question to display.
    • When you drag and release the radio button field, the Radio Button's Field Properties page will automatically open to the General Info tab where you may update the 'Name' to the question you would like to ask.
      • Click into the NAME field where you may rename this field, Is this person deceased?
    • The question must have two options, one for 'Yes' and one for 'No.'
      1. Select the Options tab at the top of the window.
      2. Change the Max Amount of Columns to 2.
      3. Click +Add an Option.
      4. Twice.
      5. In the Display boxes type Yes and No. 
      6. Click OK. (You may wait until after the next bullet to click OK.
    • To mark this step as required, go to the Validation tab at the top of the window and select the checkbox next to Required and click the OK button on the bottom right of the window.
  4. Select the Date fieldset and rename the field to Intention Request Date.  Click the Validation tab at the top of the window and select the checkbox next to Required and click the OK button on the bottom right of the window.

Organizing the fields

Although you were able to drag and drop fields from the right-side panel and place them wherever you wanted them to display, you may reorganize your form using the grab-bar button.

  1. Look for the grab-bar button to the right of the field you would like to move. Click and hold the grab-bar button and drag it to the place you want the field on the form.
    For example, to move the radio button fieldset for 'Is this person deceased?':
    • Click the grab-bar to the right of 'Is this person deceased? and drag it to the place just below the Mass Intention fieldset.
    • Drag and drop the fieldset directly under the Mass Intention fieldset.  There will be a dotted outline of the fieldset to show where its location is on the form.
  2. Repeat this action with the Intention Request Date.
    Conditional fields
  3. There is no need to alter the radio button fieldset Would you like someone from the team to contact you? or the corresponding Number and Email fieldsets. The last two (Number and Email) are conditional based on how the prompt is answered. If you choose to update either:
    1. Select the Configure button (Gear)  to the right of the Number or Email fieldset.
    2. Go to the Conditions tab at the top of the page.
      • The radio button for, 'Under certain conditions' is marked.
      • The condition is set as "Would you like someone from the team to contact you?" "is" "Yes."
      • This means the Number and Phone fieldsets will only appear if Yes is chosen.
  4. To add a long comment field where the requester may add additional information, you may drag a Long Text fieldset to your form.
    • Following the same protocol as above, simply click and drag the Long Text field from the panel on the right to the place you would like it to display on your form.
    • When the General tab automatically opens, you may rename it from Long Text to something like, Please provide any additional information.  We suggest you make this field optional (default) so it is not necessary to go into the Validation tab.
  5. Finally, scroll down the right panel until you find the section for Payment Fields. Drag the Item Checkbox(es) to the desired place on the form.
    • As per the protocol, the General Info tab will automatically be open and you may change the name of the prompt to Optional Donation and select the fund this donation should go towards.
    • Add Donation Options:
      1. To give the requester three donation amount options, click the Line Items tab and under Max Number of Columns, select 1 or 3 depending on how you would like the prompts to display. 
      2. Using the screenshots as your guide, rename each option and add the amount options your church finance committee agreed upon. Place a checkmark in the Tax Deductible checkbox.
      3. Notice how the Show other amount item box is checked in our example.  This will allow the donor to add their own donation amount.  Also, check the Make other amount item tax deductible box as well; then click OK.
  6. Remember to save changes, and publish the form.



It is possible to customize the look of each and every form created.  To learn how you may customize your form, see the article, How to customize your form using themes.




Email Notifications

Once parishioners have completed the Mass Intentions form how is the Parish office being notified of that?  With an automated Email of course.  Start at Step 3 of the How to set up email notifications article to set this up.




As there is an optional donation on this form it is important to correctly set up the Payment section in Form Properties.

  • Whenever there is a payment field in a form, it is best practice to check the Enable Member Portal under the Payment tab in Form Properties.  This allows parishioners to log in to their personal donor profile and log all donations or payments under that account.
  • Next, you may allow donors to help cover processing fees.


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