PSFC Admin - Free Trial or New Customer: Transition, Training, and Support (FAQs)

ParishSOFT Facility Calendar transition, training, and support FAQs


Is there a way to convert our old/existing facility data into our new instance of ParishSOFT Facility Calendar?

  • We are currently exploring this option. Talk to your account manager to find out if it's feasible for your organization.

Is there an option to get personal one-on-one training on the Facility Calendar application?

  • Most customers find the self-paced training is all they need to effectively get started. We do not have scheduled in-person training. However, you can speak with your account manager to set up one-on-one training through our professional services team at $250 per hour.
  • Or, if you would prefer one of our self-paced training options:

If we do not see our question or issue in the ParishSOFT Facility Calendar knowledge base, how do we get answers?

  • The best way to get answers is to first pursue the Facility Calendar knowledge base. If you do not see your issue documented there, please send a detailed email to the support team.

What happens once the free trial ends?

  • A few days before your trial ends, you will get a reminder email that your trial is about to end.
  • In addition, your account manager will be in touch with you to see if you want to subscribe to ParishSOFT Facility Calendar. If you choose to subscribe, there will be no interruption in your work. Otherwise, once the two weeks are up, you will lose access to the application.
    • Keeping this in mind, you may want to be careful to only add data that you will want to use going forward. 

If we have both the Facility Calendar and the Religious Education will the calendars and rooms in each work interactively?

  • The two modules are completely independent of each other. For your convenience, we have added a tab on your ParishSOFT Family Suite dashboard so you may access the calendar login there. However, there are separate logins and separate databases. The two modules do not interact.

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