PSFS Offering | Contributions - List: How to print a list of contributions for an amount range

How to print a list of contributions for an amount range

  1. Go to the Contributions page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Contributions.
    • Using the Contributions Card, select from Today, Week, Month, or Year
  2. Use the filter panel to narrow down the list of contributions you would like on your list. You may limit the results to a date range, to a fund, to an amount range, etc.

    • Note, you may enter a minimum amount and leave the maximum amount blank.
    • This is not a summary of all the contributions, but instead a listing of each contribution that meets the criteria. To get a report of an amount range for a summary of contributions to one or all funds, see How to run a Contribution Summary by Donor Report.
  3. Once your list populates the page, click the export button at the top right and select Contribution Export. You may then choose between PDF and Excel.

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