PSFS Offering | Contributions: How to combine contributions from a single parishioner who marries

How to combine contributions from a single parishioner who marries

Merge Financial Records
If you want to merge two family records so their contributions are combined into one list, you can use the Duplicate Merge feature. Once you use this, the family contributions will be included in one list and can never be separated again. If you do this, you'll send the couple one statement that will include all their contributions.

How to merge duplicate family records

Maintain Separate Records
If you want to maintain the historical contributions for one spouse in a separate record, you can move their member record into their new family without deleting the old family. To do this, you will need to have at least one other member record in the family of the spouse you're moving to. Once you've done that, you should unregister the spouse's old family record and change the address to the spouse's new address. At the end of the year, you'll generate two statements. One will have the contributions for one spouse before the marriage and the couple after. The other will have the other spouse's contributions before marriage.

How to move a member from an existing family into a new family record (Export to New Family) as the Head of Household

Move Records to Members
The most complex solution is to move the contributions from before the marriage to each spouse. To do this, you would post a correction batch that moves the contributions from the family record of each spouse to their member record. At the end of the year, the statement would include all contributions from before and after the marriage. The ones before the marriage would note which spouse gave them.

How to correct a large number of contributions within a closed batch






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