PSA L&P Transactions: How to attach a file to a transaction

How to attach a file to a transaction

The Attachments button works the same way whether you are in a bill, a deposit, or a journal entry. The example here will show how to use the Attachments button when adding a bill but it is the same for any transaction.

  1. Add the transaction as you normally would.
  2. Click the Attachment button.
    • Before submitting the transaction, you may click the Attachments button. This will serve to submit the transaction and initiate the attachment process at the same time.
    • You may also come back into a transaction that has already been added and attach a document.
      • If you edit the transaction first, this will submit the changes as well as initiate the attachment process.
      • You may add an attachment to any transaction at any time regardless of the accounting period or if the transaction has been reconciled.
  3. The transaction attachments screen displays.
    • 1) Click the Browse button to browse to the file you want to attach.
    • 2) Select the file.
    • 3) Click the Import button to import the file. This will serve the dual purpose of saving the transaction record at the same time as it adds the selected file as an attachment.
  4. The transaction attachments screen remains open where you may do one of several things.
    • Attach another document using the same steps as shown in #3.
    • Click the transaction link to go back to the transaction screen that is related to this attachment.
    • View the attached document.
    • Delete the attached document.

For information related to the number of attachments allowed per transaction as well as the allowable size, please click here.


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