PSFS Offering Integration with Accounting - Activate: How to turn on integration between ParishSOFT Family Suite and ParishSOFT Accounting

How to turn on integration between ParishSOFT Family Suite (New Offering) (PSFS) and ParishSOFT Accounting (PSA)

Mark the option to require a deposit get created when an offering batch is closed


  1. In Offering, go to Settings
  2. Mark the checkbox to require the system to create a deposit... and save the record.


Add the Accounting Database ID to the PSFS Organization

  1. From the Offering tab, select Settings.
  2. Select "Require the system to create a deposit entry for the batch in ParishSOFT Accounting befoe closing the batch.
  3. Enter the PSA Database ID and click Save

    At this point, integration is turned on between the ParishSOFT Membership and ParishSOFT Accounting applications at the organization level. To learn how to set up integration once it is turned on, see the article, How to set up integration between PSFS and PSA.


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