PSFS Offering | Batches - Process: How to handle a Status code 500 error when trying to close a batch

How to handle a Status code 500 error when trying to close a batch

If you are getting an error similar to the following image, the resolution depends on the Error Code. An error code example is shown in #3. 

If your organization does not have ParishSOFT Accounting or does not use the Accounting Integration feature (where a deposit transaction is created automatically when you close an offering batch), make sure this option is not marked in settings. If you do use integration or the option is not marked (example under #2), click here.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Unmark the option that says, "Require the system to create a deposit entry for the batch in ParishSOFT Accounting before closing the batch." Save the record.


If you do use integration or if that checkbox was not already marked and you get an error that looks similar to this one, select and copy the highlighted error text. Note, each error ID will be slightly different.

  • Please select the text on the error window and copy it. Then, email the support team as follows:
    Subject: Status code 500 error when trying to close a batch.
    Body of Email: When trying to close Batch xxx (give the Batch ID or description or both) the following error is preventing me from doing so: 22a448db-0fd3-451f-88a6-e911e460ddda. *Paste the error you copied from the error window into the body of the email.
    • This copy and paste method is more efficient in resolving the issue than is a screenshot.


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