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How to interpret validation errors when importing contributions


When the validation errors page displays upon importing contributions, this means there is data on the import file that is invalid. The data does not match the existing records in Family Suite. The error shows you exactly where to look in your import file to find the errant data.

To interpret validation errors when importing contributions, you must have the following at hand:

  1. The Validation Errors page. This is the page that displays when your import fails.
  2. The import file. This is the excel file you are using to import the contributions.
  3. The import file format layout. This is the article that explains the layout of the import file.

This article will take you through one validation error to show you how to read and interpret such errors. You may apply this method to any validation error.


Validation Error: The Envelope Number does not match an existing Envelope Number

If you want to use envelope numbers to identify which member gave
In order to fix this, you must find the correct envelope number for the contributor who gave that contribution.

  • If they do not have an envelope number you may:
    • Assign an envelope number to their record and enter it in row 4 column B of the import file.
    • Or, remove the line from the import file and import that particular transaction manually. 

If the transaction belongs to your loose cash account, simply create a record in the Family Directory and assign an envelope to that account as shown in the following article.

If you do not want to use envelope numbers to identify which member gave
We do have an option to import all of the transactions by Diocesan ID rather than by the envelope number. To use that, you must generate a diocesan ID for each giver by going to each one's family page or member page, use the diocesan ID instead of the envelope number in column B, and change your settings to import by diocesan ID. If you only have one contributor who does not have an envelope number, it is much less involved to assign them an envelope number.


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