PSG Forms - Sign In: How donors can use the Consolidated Sign-In feature

How donors can use the Consolidated Sign-In feature

Consolidated Sign-In makes it much easier for donors to sign in to an organization's giving site by allowing them an alternative to using a "hard-to-remember" password.  Consolidated Sign-In is an option on Giving Forms (also known as your giving site) but does not affect those giving over text or through mobile applications so long as the applications don't interact with forms. This allows for donors to sign in using their email or cell phone number, and then a security code sent to either the email or phone number listed on the account instead of their password.


To use this feature:

  1. Click "SIGN IN" on your giving form, enter the email for your account, and click Next.
  2. Here you can enter your password, or if you choose, you can sign in using a one-time code that is sent to your email address or to your cell phone.
  3.  Once you receive the code, enter the six-digit number into the field and click Sign In.






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