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How to print contributions that were entered today

This will print contributions you entered today using the Contributions page as well as Contributions that were posted today through closing the batch.

  • This exports a report by date entered and not by posting date. For batches, the contributions are considered 'entered' on the date the batch is closed.
  • To get one by posting date, use the posting date in the filter panel, and after clicking the filter icon (magnifying glass) choose the Contribution Export option.
  1. On the Contributions page, click the Export button.
  2. Then, select the option that says Contributions Entered Today.

  3. The postings will export to an Excel file.
    • If you would like a PDF listing, use the Contribution Export in conjunction with the filter panel and choose PDF.

If you would like to print the contributions you have entered that are in an open batch, please see the article, How to print a batch posting list.


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