PSFS Offering | Batches - Contribution Postings: How to set up a batch so you can post contributions using the envelope number

How to post a contribution in a batch using the envelope number

There are three places you may select Envelope Number as your Default Family Lookup when posting contributions through a batch. Once you set them in either of these two places, the envelope number will be the default lookup ID until you change it.

  • The first place is the Settings page.
  • The second place is in the Batch Details record. Click the down-arrow and select Envelope Number. This will make the Envelope Number the default Lookup ID until you change it either through this page or while you are posting. To update any batch for Envelope as the default Lookup ID see How to edit the Batch Details Record.
  • The third place is in the Postings Page where you go to post batches.

    • To get to the postings page, click the Postings button from the Batch Card or click the Postings button in the upper right corner of the Batch Details page.
    • Once you change the default on the postings screen, the new Lookup ID will be the default until you change it again.


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