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How to generate labels for contribution statements

Also can be described as, How to generate a report and labels for giving according to specific criteria such as amount range, giving date range, specific fund or funds

This process may be used to print labels with statements or, when exported to Excel, to generate labels with a list of donors and donation information. In either case, the output may be filtered for certain criteria such as donation is within an amount range to a particular fund in a particular time frame.

  1. Go to the Donor Reports page.
    • Using the Navigation Bar, select Reports → Donor.
    • Using the Reports Card, select Donor.
  2. Select the Contribution Detail Statement Report.
  3. Note that the filter feature will have a big impact on who is listed (or not listed). See How to set my filter to make sure the right records are selected.
  4. To generate labels at the same time as you generate the statement, mark the Print Statement Labels checkbox.
  5. Click the export button in the upper right of the page to select either version (Excel or PDF).

mceclip3.png mceclip4.png 

  • If you selected the Excel export, your 'statement' will be a list of donors with their address, the fund to which they gave, and the amounts. The report output will be different depending on the Report Type selected.export2Excel.pngexcel_details.png

Note: When Print Statement Labels is selected, you will get two output files: The first will be the labels and the second will be the statements.


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