PSFS Offering | Donor Reports - Error: Error when attempting to render report; tax statements fail to render a report after a prolonged period

Error when attempting to render a report; Tax statements time out

IO Error printing offering reports

IO Error when printing statement

Any error you receive when using our Offering Module will have an error bar that includes the letter (i) encircled in red. To get additional information, click on the red i.



Error Message Details

  • Status code: 0 - Unknown Error
  • Error reaching Parishsoft API

When you do click on the (i) Information button and get the above message, it means that the report is taking longer than 4 minutes to render. If this is the case, the resolution is to narrow the report down by particular criteria. For example, choose only one fund or reduce the date span.


Error Message Details

This error message sometimes happens when there are outages.

When you get this message, contact support who will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue. Support will likely need to share a screen and get a video of this error to share with the IT department to help resolve the issue. 


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