PSFC Events - Scheduling: How to edit an event or how to make changes to one or more events in a series

How to edit an event or how to make changes to one or more events in a series

If you have added an event but now need to go back in and add or change one of the attributes, for example, the room where the event is to be held, you may simply pull the event up through the calendar view and edit it from there. 

  1. From the calendar view, click the event name link. If you want to edit an event in a series or an event and all of those following in a series, click the first event in the series for which you would like to make changes and continue to follow these instructions.
  2. Edit the event by clicking the edit (gear) icon in the upper left.
    • If this event is a recurring event, you will be prompted to select from the following options:
    • Depending on which option you choose from the above, any changes you make to the record will only happen to the selected group of events. You can make changes to any of the fields.
  3. The event opens. Scroll down and change or add the updated information.
    • If you have a recurring event that meets on the same day each week, but one week it must meet on a different day, you may follow this process by clicking on the event name link on the date it will not meet, selecting the option to edit "Only this event" and change the date for this instance.
      • Doing it this way will keep this event in the same series of events as the original recurring event so when changes are made to any other attributes, this sporadic date will be included in the changes.
    • Or, if you have a recurring event that calls for different equipment on one of the events in the series, but not all, you may update the selected equipment for just that day. 
  4. Save the new changes at the top of the page by clicking the save button.

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