DM Batches - Process: How to create a correction batch

How to create a correction batch

Correction batches are created from the Contributions page and never from the Batches page.

  1. On the Contributions page, find the contribution(s) you would like to correct. 
    • Use the Filter Panel on the right to help narrow down your selection.
    • One of the options in the Filter Panel on the right is Batch Name, so you can bring up all postings in a batch by entering the Batch Name and clicking the magnifying glass at the top of the filter panel.
  2. Each contribution in the correction batch will be assigned the same value in the category or categories you plan to change. For example, if you are changing the contribution date, every posting in this correction batch will be assigned the same contribution date.
    • Mark the contributions and click the Create Correction Batch button in the toolbar (upper-right).
  3. The Create Correction batch page displays and you must fill in the following (see image below):
    • Mark the category or categories whose value you want to change. The categories are found under the heading Edit Values on the right side of the page.
    • Name the correction batch. See the following suggestions:
      • If your correction batch is basically a correction of an existing batch, name the correction batch exactly the same as the original with the word 'Correction' or the letters 'CB' at the end.
      • If your correction batch is a conglomerate of several postings from different batches or from entries made on the Contributions page, work out a naming convention for naming the batch that indicates what is being corrected.  Use the same naming convention for all correction batches. That way, you will always be able to easily identify the batch as a correction batch.
    • Fill in the field or fields for your selected category with the correcting value. In the example used in the images in this article, the fund is changing from CSA 2021 test to CSA.
    • Fill in the reason for the correction. This field is required.
  4. You will be prompted to make sure you still want to create this correction batch.
  5. The batch will be created as soon as you answer yes.
    • You will immediately be taken to the Batch Details page.
    • The batch will automatically be flagged as a review batch

  6. Click on the Postings button (top-right).
  7. Once you have closed the correction batch:
    • When you go back to the Contributions page and use a date range filter to encompass the original batch and also the correction batch dates...
    • Then sort by the Family ID...
    • You will be able to see the original and correcting contribution entries.
    • Note: In the case of correcting the fund, if you also filter on the fund used in the original batch, you will be able to see each entry that combined produces a zero contribution to the original fund.  Filtering on the new fund will show the contributions toward the correct fund.

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