PSA Church Manager - Users: How to set up a ParishSOFT Accounting user who only needs to post offering thru integration

How to set up a ParishSOFT Accounting user who only needs to post ParishSOFT Family Suite Offering deposits thru integration


For a user who only needs to be able to post offering deposits to ParishSOFT Accounting thru integration but who does not need to work in ParishSOFT Accounting set up the account as follows:

  • In the Church Manage tab on the Users page, use the Add a New User button to set up the login.
    • Give the user the Role of a church user.  For details on adding a new user see How to add a new user
    • You may want to add information to this login by adding the words integration user to the First Name field.
    • See the instructions below on how to set up permissions.
  • Do not give them their login information.
    • You may want to add your own email address to this user's credentials so if the forgot password option is ever used, the email will come to you (the administrator).


How to set up permissions for an integration login

  1. In the Church Manager tab, go to Permissions and select the user you just added in the Quick Find dropdown.
  2. For each module where the show checkbox is marked, click the Deselect All link. This will automatically remove permissions and access to all modules.
  3. For Ledgers and Payables, click the Deselect All link
    • Next, mark the Ledger and Payables (show) checkbox.
    • Also, mark the Deposits box for Allow/Write (this will also automatically mark the read box).
    • The only three boxes that should be checked are Ledger and Payables (show), Deposits under Read, and Deposits under Allow/Write.

  4. After ensuring only the proper options are marked, click Submit to save the changes.


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