PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to compare Family Directory family and member counts with conversion numbers

How to view all families in the family directory

When you first convert to ParishSOFT Family Suite, you often want to compare the counts of families and members you have sent with those in the Family List and Member List.

To compare these numbers, you must make sure you set your filters correctly. 

  1. Go to Family Directory > Family List: mceclip1.png

  2. Set and apply the filter for Membership: Both; Family Group: All Groups; Send Envelopes: (Any).
  3. To find the count of families, look below the family grid.
  4. Now to find the count of registered, active families, clear the filters set previously () and set the filter to Membership: Registered, Family Group: Active. Make sure you keep the Send Envelopes field to (Any) at this point. Apply the filter and check the count at the bottom of the page.
  5. The count will be reduced from the full list because it will not include among others inactive, deceased, and non-registered families.

Why might the numbers be a little different from the numbers you submitted? There are many reasons, but a few are listed below.

  • Your data source may not have had an exact match to the way we categorize the data.
  • Your filters may be different than ours.




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