PSFS Offering | Donor Reports - Statements: How to add or edit a printed name for your statement

How to add or edit a printed name for your statement

Note: If you have reached the maximum number of printed names in your statement configuration options, keep in mind you may edit the fields as needed.

    1. Go to the Donor Reports page.
      • Using the Navigation Bar, select Reports → Donor.
      • Using the Reports Card, select Donor.
    2. Click the gear button (Configure) in the upper right corner of the page, then select Contents.
    3. Scroll down to the Printed Name drop-down field. To add a new printed name, click the add button (+).
    4. This requires a label (title) and a printed name as you want it to appear on the statements.

      • There are a limited number of printed names that may be added.
      • Title and Name tips:
        1. The label (Title) can be the printed name.
        2. Or, the label (Title) can be a category (such as Finance Committee Chairman or Pastor).
        3. Once a title and a printed name is entered, click Save.

To edit the printed name fields (either the title, the printed name, or both):

        • Open the drop-down list of the Printed Name field
        • Use the down-arrow to select the title for the one you want to change
        • Click the Edit button () to activate the edit window

Note: To activate the Save button, update the Title field.


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