DM Pledges - Add: How to add pledges outside of a batch

How to add pledges outside of a batch

  1. Go to the Pledges page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Pledges.
    • Using the Pledges Card, select Go to Pledges.
  2. If there's any doubt that this pledge has already been added, search for the pledge before adding.
  3. To continue with pledge entry, click the add action button in the upper right corner.
  4. The date field on the entry screen will automatically default to the current date. If the actual pledge date is different, the first thing to update is the date under Pledge Defaults (see (1) on the image below). This will allow you to tab through the date fields for this pledge and for all subsequent pledges with the same date during this entry session.
  5. Start by selecting the fund (2) and then enter the donor ID (4). If you do not have the Donor ID information categorized by Donor Type (Family Id, Member Id, or Envelope Number), and only know the donor's name or address or email, click the Search button in the ID field (4) to find the donor that way. DM_add_new_pledge_screen.png
    • Once the donor has been selected, their information will display to the right of the ID field.
    • Continue to enter the information in each field (5-12), or to tab through the fields that are already populated with the correct dates. Note: currently, even if the correct OBO parish is listed in the OBO field (7), you must click into the field and select the parish. 

      Please note: In order to add a pledge record in the Development Manager application, a goal must be set up for the donor's parish for the pledge fund.
  6. If this pledge has an initial contribution with it, the information may be added right on this pledge page. The 'Initial Contribution' entry fields are at the bottom of the pledge entry page.
      • If you choose not to enter the contribution before saving this pledge record, it can be added later, but not through the Pledge Detail page. Once the pledge record has been saved, any contribution information must be entered through the contribution page.
      • Only those contributions added on the Pledges Create page will be considered an initial pledge in future searches.
  7. Once all of the information has been entered and verified for this record, click the save action button in the page's upper-right corner. This will save both the pledge record and the contribution record if one was added.
  8. One final check for duplicate entries is automated by the software. If a duplicate pledge has been entered for the same fund and for the same donor, a warning prompt will display on your screen asking if you want to create a duplicate pledge for this donor.
    • You may get additional information about the existing pledge by clicking the down-carrot.


How to search for a donor

  1. Click the search button in the Donor ID field.
  2. Enter the identifying information that you know.
  3. Select the donor.


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