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How to search for contributions

No matter how a contribution has been entered, through a batch or independently of a batch, the contributions page may be used to access the record.

  • If a contribution has been posted in a batch, it will not be accessible through the contributions page until the batch is closed.
  • If a contribution has been posted in a batch, it may only be edited through the batch and only when the batch has not yet been closed.
  1. Go to the Contributions page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Contributions.
    • From the Home/DM page using the Contributions Card, select one of the links:  Today, Week, Month, Year.


      Development Manager is designed with processing speed in mind. This is why when you access the Contributions page for the first time, for example, the center screen will be blank. Instead of using system resources to collect and display all of the records, DM's efficient use of resources lets you enter your search criteria first, limiting the number of records that must be found and displayed.

  1. On the Contributions page, you may use the search bar, the filter panel, or a combination of both to display your contribution records.

  2. Search Bar: Enter a keyword (Contribution ID, Family ID, Member ID, Fund Name, or Batch Name). You may also enter the last name of the member, but it will return all contributions from all members with that last name within the date range selected in the filter panel.
    • Once you enter the search term, click the search action button at the end of the search bar (or press enter). You must do this every time you change the search term.

  3. The Filter Panel will help narrow down the results by many data points such as contribution date, source, amount, giver, batch, fund, OBO organization, etc. After updating the field or fields, click the search button at the top of the Filter Panel. To reset the filters, click the center reset button.

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