PSFS Offering | Lists - Batches: How to get a batch list report (posting list)

How to get a batch list report (posting list)

If you are new to our Redesigned Offering Module, you may benefit from reading the article, How to navigate the Redesigned Offering Module.

To navigate to the Batches page:

  1. In the Navigator Bar, select Batches.
  2. On the Batches card, select Open, Closed, or All.

  3. Once you are on the Batches page, if necessary, use the Filter Panel to narrow down the output to the batches of interest. In the image below, the records are filtered for batches that are flagged for review.
    • Update the filter field.
    • Click the Filter Panel Search button.
  4. To export the batch list to Excel, click the export button.
  5. The Excel file will have two worksheets: one that lists the batch details and another that gives a contributions summary.


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