PSFS Offering | Lists - Batches: How to get a batch list report (posting list)

How to get a batch list report (posting list)

To navigate to the Batches page:

In the Navigator Bar, select Batches.

On the Batches card, select Open, Closed, or All.
Full Batch Process 6.png

On the Batches page:

  • Search results can be filtered by use of the Filter Panel and Search button

  • Batch lists can be exported to Excel or PDF formats with the Export button

Two list export options (Batch List Export; Batch Postings List Export) include the following Excel columns:

Batch List Export

Batch List Export (Excel Columns A-M) include:

Column A Batch ID

Column B Batch Description

Column C Batch Status

Column D Revenue Account

Column E Fund Name

Column F Organization ID

Column G Organization Name

Column H Date Opened

Column I Date Closed

Column J Pledge Count 

Column K Pledge Total 

Column L Contribution Count

Column M Contribution Total

Column N Giving Source



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