ParishCast Alerts - Past Alerts: How to understand results on Past Alerts Reports for voice calls

How to understand results on Past Alerts Reports for voice calls

  1. Go to Alerts → Past Alerts
  2. Click the number in the View Results column to get details on the calls that were made.
    • In the example below there were 1384 Intended Recipients but only 1350 Actual Calls. This would indicate that there were duplicate phone numbers.
    • If you click the links to specific call information, such as Answered, you will see the recipients included in the number indicated.
    • You may also see a message telling you how many calls were included and how many recipients were reached. If 882 calls were answered reaching 908 recipients. There were 26 duplicate phone numbers for calls answered.
    • This report below shows the numbers given in the software and how to interpret them in the bullets below.
      • Intended Recipients less Actual Calls indicate duplicate phone numbers.
      • The Actual Calls and Unanswered totals the actual calls attempted.
      • The Human, Machine, Fax, and Unknown totals the calls made. If you click on the link you will see a list of the calls and a message of actual calls and how many recipients were contacted. The number of recipients will be larger because of duplicate phone numbers. If you have two people with the same phone number only one call will be made but, two people are considered being contacted. 



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