PSG Forms - Save Form: How to work with Form "drafts"

How to work with Form "drafts"

 In Forms, there is an option to save a "Draft" version of a form, which does not publish the changes to the live form.  This allows you to make form changes gradually, and then publish them all at once when finished.

To work with a form in a "Draft" format, you must understand how drafts are different than regular forms.  "Drafts" are not published forms; they are a type of temporary form that can be easily overwritten and discarded if the changes are no longer needed.

  1. When you save a form you normally have two options Save Only and Publish.  Clicking Save Only will save the form as a Draft.

    Every time you successfully save draft changes, you will see a notice at the bottom of the form.
  2. If you need to leave the program and come back, you can navigate back to your draft form, by looking for the name of the form click on the three dots to the right of the form and choose Edit Draft, not the name of the form which will take you to your published form.
  3. This will take you back to the draft form you were working on.  Whenever you want to apply your draft to the main form, just make sure you're in this draft form and then hit Save → Publish.
  4. *If when you navigate back to a draft of a form after exiting, and you are asked if you want to Overwrite Draft or Save & Publish when you go to save,  you are not in the draft version of the form.

    If you choose to Overwrite, you are telling the system you want to erase the existing draft and make a new draft version on this form.  If you choose to Save & Publish you will save and publish whatever version of the form is on the screen (but it will not apply the prior changes you made on your draft).




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