PSFS Offering | Batches - Bulk Process: How to bulk-process batches from review to close

How to bulk-process batches from review to close

  1. Go to the Batches page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Batches.
    • Using the Batches Card, select Open. (You will later change this on the Filter Panel to Review)
  2. A few notes on closing batches:
    • Only those batches that are in balance and that your login qualifies you to edit will be able to be marked for bulk-update to close.
    • Depending on your organization's settings, you may not be able to close any batches that you did not create.
    • You will not see any batches for which the batch details record is set to a fund for which you do not have fund permissions.
    • Only those batches that have been flagged for review will be able to be closed.

The following information shows you some options on 1) how to filter and/or search for the records 2) how to select the records 3) how to bulk-close the batches. The images are in grid view because more records can be viewed in that mode.


Option 1

Filter for batches that you would like to bulk-close.

  • Use the Filter Panel (labeled as #1 in the image below) to filter all open batches that are flagged for review that were created within a particular date range and whose batch detail record has a particular fund.
  • Select Review from the Status drop-down. This is the only selection that is not optional.
  • In the Fund drop-down field, select the fund if all the batches you want to close have the same default fund in their batch details record.
  • In the Created Date fields, enter the date range in which these batches were created if this is helpful.
  • Once you have the batches showing on your screen, use the select-all checkbox (labeled as #2 in the above image) in the column header to select all the batches at once.  Or, if the page lists more than you want to close you may check them individually or check them all and then uncheck individually those you do not want to close.
  • The software will not allow you to select items that are no longer in balance. Although they must be in balance to set to review status, they may have been subsequently updated possibly taking them out of balance.
  • Once you have selected the batches you want to bulk-close, click the close batches button (checkmark labeled as #3 in the above image) in the upper right of the screen.
  • You will get a confirmation message that you must OK to move on.

Option 2

Use the Search Bar.

  • There is no way around using the Filter Panel to set the status to Review. This is because only those batches with a status of Review may be closed. Once you select Review, click the search button magnifying glass in the Filter Panel to narrow down the listed batches to only those that have a status of Review.
  • You may use additional filter fields such as Fund and Created Date span.
  • Once the records are displayed on your screen, simply select them all using the select-all checkbox in the header or select each one individually.
  • After the correct batches have been selected, click the close batch check button in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • You will get a confirmation message that you must OK to move on.

Important: If you have many batches and the batches are big, it may take some time to process them all. To check the status of each batch, click the red button to the right of the gear button.






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