PSFS Offering | Batches - Bulk Process: How to bulk process batches from open status to flagged for review

How to bulk process batches from open status to flagged for review

  1. In the Offering module, navigate to the Batches page:
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Batches.
    • Using the Batches Card, select Open
  2. Option 1: Filter 
      • Use the Filter Panel to filter all open batches that were created within a particular date range and whose batch detail record has a particular fund.
      • If only those batches you want to bulk-change are listed, you may use the select-all checkbox in the header to mark all batches.
      • If most records need to be marked for review, you could also use this select-all checkbox and simply unmark the ones you don't want to include.
      • If only a few records displayed will be flagged for review, instead of using the select-all checkbox, you may select each one individually.
      • Click the review button in the upper right of the screen. This will flag all the batch records that were marked in #2 as ready for review.
  3. Option 2: Use the Search Bar to bring up the records you want to flag for review. This may take a little pre-planning as the keyword in the search bar must be contained in the Batch Name of all the records you would like to pull up.
    • The example below shows the results now narrowed down by the keyword 'test' entered into the Search Bar. There are 2 records:
  4. Ensure you have all the batches selected, and click on "Bulk Change open to review":
  5. Confirm Bulk Change:               
  6. Look for this confirmation in the top right corner:

Note: only those batches that are in balance and that your login qualifies you to edit will be able to be marked. You will not see any batches for which the batch details record is set to a fund for which you do not have fund permissions. The following information shows you: 1) how to filter and/or search for the records 2) how to select them 3) how to bulk-flag them for review. The images are in grid view because more records can be viewed in that mode.


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